Take Care of Yourself During the Process


It's been a minute since I've written a newsletter. Whether you're chilling at your desk or on your commute, I want to start off by sending you some magical vibes this Mindful Monday to start your week. We are nearing the end of the year, and I cannot help but reflect on the number of retrogrades from Venus, Mars, coincidences, break-downs, and built-the-f*ck-back-ups that shook sh*t up for us this year. For 2018, I focused on expanding my business without even having a foundation to fall back on (lesson learned). I took my website down because I didn't know wtf I was doing (it be like that sometimes and that's okay boo). Every article, video, tutorial, and book I ingested was for The Idea Girl. I redirected my focus from rebranding to giving every inch of myself to my clients by booking out my schedule for projects and working on the weekends. I would lock myself in my room for DAYS on end, designing and trying to perfect my strategies (I've been the same color since January). The only time people would see me was from Facetime on my computer screen (yes it was that bad). Work was taking over my life! I would cancel plans with friends just so I could make a deadline that my client wasn't too pressed about. And sleep??? What's that? 

Little did I know back then, I was slipping back into my old work ethic, where surviving was more important than living. If you're a workaholic like I, I'm sure you can definitely relate. So pressed to get a paycheck that you'd put off loved ones and miss memorable moments whenever there's extra money to be made. I literally would get anxiety whenever I got a notification in fear that a client wasn't happy with a revision or hand in a deadline late. When becoming an entrepreneur, I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I wasn't ready for the level of stress it brought on, partly due to my setting poor boundaries. Up until this point, I was living for my business, not going to sleep because I was afraid that I was missing out on something if I wasn't working. My social life plummetted, my relationships were suffering, and my health was going downhill. 

Idea Girl (YOU), on this Mindful Monday, I just want to share a bit of advice I've learned from my shortcomings: Do not forget to take care of yourself during the process. I say this because it's so easy to lose ourselves on the path to success (or our current perceptions of it). We miss out on living and suffer internally and externally because we're too damn busy trying to survive. It's not worth missing a doctor's appointment or a loved one's birthday for the sake of money. You will always be able to manifest what you need when you need it, I truly believe you're just that poppin'. 

Be sure to take some time out of your work life to take care of yourself. That includes taking care of the things you love, where you should always rank #1. This Monday I want you to try these few things to make your life that much easier.

1. Create boundaries for yourself.

Whether you have a 9-5 or you're grinding on your own, it can be hard establishing boundaries with your co-workers or clients (even your loved ones!). Repeat after me: WORK SHOULD NOT GIVE YOU ANXIETY! If it does, start paying attention to your surroundings and analyze how you feel. From there begin establishing your boundaries to address your discomforts the moment it happens. Be sure to give yourself a set schedule and leave your work at work, even if you work from home. Spend your 6+ hours on your work, and then from there take the rest of the time off to recharge and rejoice. Keep the emails to a minimum past a certain hour at bedtime and leave your phones and electronics out of the bedroom if possible (They release positive ions in your energy field and dasss no bueno). The bedroom is for two things: rest and romance.

2. Stop saying yes to sh*t you don't want to do!!!!

This is the number one way to create animosity in whatever setting you are in and with whomever! Keep it real always and tell people how you feel, no matter how you feel about them. Resentment comes about when we say yes to the things we really want to say no to. Then we set expectations, and we all know how it ends from there. If the gut answer is a NO, you'll know. 

3. Get Back to Your Roots

If there is something that makes your heart flutter and feel amazing about yourself, be sure you implement a small bit of it into your daily life; try weekly/monthly increments to start. Do what you are called to do every single day, as long as your "peace" doesn't harm yourself and others. Go to the gym, cook, or take the time to style your hair. Paint, design, dance, whatever! We have one life to live and it's important that you spend it doing the things you love!

I hope these small gems will make today so much easier for you; unless you've been wise enough to know this already Idea Girl! In the meantime Happy Mindful Monday Beautiful!!!