Q1: started from the bottom now we here classwerk session (live webinar 1/13/19)

During this live webinar, you will learn about how to create a sustainable brand from the ground up with a focus on building the foundation. We will learn about the importance of branding, differentiation, the importance of solving problems, and how to get started on making your dreams a reality. You will also get tips on constructing your mission statement and developing your “why” in order to develop meaningful connections with your target audience. The focus of this webinar is to equip students with an comprehension of their purpose in order to develop a solid brand strategy. Learn branding and biz terminology along with a boatload of information to start executing your ideas effectively.

Q1: securing the bag w. lauren carey (live webinar 2/3/2019)

During this live webinar, Lauren Carey teaches us the importance of utilizing an income statement in order to balance our business and our pockets.

Q1: total alignment to your purpose w. parise ogunleye (live webinar 1/20/19)

During this webinar with Priestess and Spiritual Coach w. Parise Ogunleye we learn how to identify if our consciousness, actions, and integrity make room for our purpose.