aol chat, meets sconex on our digital online community.

Slack is a free user-friendly instant messaging chatroom that creates space for all #ideagirls to communicate with convenience.


On our Slack Channel #ideagirls are encouraged to do the following:


Create & Collaborate

Connect and network with the members in the IGG to build meaningful connections and shift the narrative.

Get Clarity

Sharing your business journey and getting help from #IGG on the way. Post a question and see who can help you figure it out.

IGG Directory

See who's sitting at the table and who can help you build yours. Get access to our directory of bomb black female business owners.

Personal Pitching

If you are a professional seeking to share your services with other creative women drop those notifications for Werking Woman Wednesdays.


community rules


DO treat your fellow Idea Girl with respect and kindness. No mean girls allowed.

DO come into our lovely space with an open mind and an open heart.

DO share your services with the Gang— you never know who may need them!

DO share your experiences and expertise. We’re all here to learn.


DON’T engage in any sort of hateful speech or commentary— we can cuss, just not at each other.

DON’T be shy! This is a safe space.

DON’T spam the channel with sales and services. Please be mindful that this space is for all of us :)


ready to join? here’s how to set up your slack account:

  1. Create a Slack account here.

  2. Post a poppin’ profile pic.

  3. Tell us who you are and what you do in your display name— be as cheeky as you’d like!

    ex: Britt [ HBIC of Idea Girl Gang, the ].

  4. Give us some more deets on your business in the “what I do” section of your profile

  5. Join the party @ the #theideagirlgang channel.