yasss! you’re officially part of the #ideagirlgang!

course begins FRIDAY, january 11th 2019

Congrats on making it official Idea Girl! Our course will officially start on 1/11/19 which is when the first werksheet will be available for download. On the day that the course begins please be sure to head to the #girlganglounge for all updates on course materials, webinar info, and much more. In the meantime follow the instructions below to complete your membership


step one: join our slack channel

Sign up to Slack and create a user profile. Get instructions and tips on setting up your account, and community rules.


step two: prepare for your elevator pitch

Practice makes perfect so I’m putting you on the spot. Now that you’ve created your slack account, introduce and sell yourself/brand to the #girlgang.


step three: check out the bookclub reads.

Check out the reading list for Q1 and tips on how to get free/cheapie book subscriptions for the low!


step four: get familiar with your account

Access your member login and your account details all in one place.


step five: download your screen candy

Download our motivation mantra wallpapers to keep your mobile and desktops device for uplifting and raising your vibes.


step six: chill in the #girlgang lounge

The #girlgang lounge is your creative central hub of all things lit. Here you will find your werksheets, updates, webinar schedule and upcoming linkups to NYC, ATL, DC, and LA!



Feel free to browse our FAQ or email us at hello@theideagirl