Your Mind Is A Gold Mine


Today marks my first newsletter for The Idea Girl Gang since launching last spring, and it’s my first time opening up like this to people I know and don’t know (hey!). I am taking my talents from Instagram to your inbox with occasional morning pick-me ups to brighten your day plus tips and tools for the creative entrepreneur. This is a community for the woman who works 9 to 5 and 5 to Grind. For the strong friend who doesn’t get checked on, and for the woman who wants to level up her mindset and pockets. From self-care to switching careers, The Idea Girl Gang galvanizes girl bosses into action with resources and inspiring content to secure your bag and your future.

but let me be honest with y'all real quick...


I’ve been contemplating on launching this newsletter, let alone this tribe, for a long time because I feared that no one would f*ck with it (i'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my sh*t). It’s funny because the other day a friend of mine, full-time girl boss and part-time flight attendant, and I were chatting about throwing my first event. I got so excited talking about it, until I started worrying about things that didn’t even happen yet. By the time I listed every reason why my event wouldn’t work, I finished with “What if no one comes?".Homegirl chimed in and said “They may just not”. We bust out in laughter for a good five minutes before she proceeded with, “You have to be okay with that, because everyone has to start somewhere”.

The crazy thing about’s the cold, hard truth. If only 10 people showed up to my event should I never throw one again? Just because that one business idea didn’t work out, should you stop starting businesses…period? One bad experience shouldn’t deter you from a lifetime of potential bliss. We come up with great ideas and then abandon them with pessimism, opinions from our peers, and the fear of creating something that we think won't be valued. But I’m gonna stop you right there... remember who the f*ck you are and what you're for! 

That blog you’ve always wanted...start it! That fashion line you always wanted...launch it! Don't wait for another opportunity to play yourself, we leaving sleeping on ourselves in 2018! Your mind is is a goldmine, now reach in there and pull out an idea you been lusting about and act on it. Don't worry about who's paying attention; do the work behind the scenes even if you don’t have the money, you always have your mind. Stay proactive by watching educational Youtube tutorials, practicing, and perfecting your craft. Read books specifically in your field and connect with your industry’s organizations. Just because you're not seeing the traction you want doesn't mean you or your ideas aren't valid. Bet on yourself babe and repeat after me...

*inhale deeply…exhale*

my mind is a goldmine.
it is a vessel for creative ideas.
it is sublime.
i am Divine.


The next time your Imposter Syndrome slides through, say this little mantra to yourself to remind you of your divinity and your innate ability to create from an abundance of worthy and valuable ideas. Your voice, art, and passions deserve to be shared with the world. You are treasure, your mind is golden, and don’t let any spectator or supervisor treat you like chicken back, you are oxtail bby girl. 

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